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Step 1: Pre-Design

Step 1


Our first step is always a conversation. We will gather from you all of your thoughts, images and goals for the project. Bring us your Pinterest sites, sketches, magazine clippings, ideas, etc….We will have a list of questions to direct the discussion and help fine tune the design program for your new home.

Step 2: Schematic Design

Step 2

Schematic Design

After we gather your goals and wish list items, we will begin designing basic floor plans and elevations for your home. We will meet a couple times during this phase to go over concepts, general layout and function. At this point in the process, we may have a few options to compare. By the end of this phase, we will have a good idea for the size, style and floor plan for your home. This is usually a great time to get a builder involved if they have not been contacted yet.

Step 3: Design Development

Step 3

Design Development

Once the design and floor plans concept are approved, we will continue developing the drawings with more specific details and design features of your home. We will meet in this phase a couple times for any revisions or changes and to brainstorm the details with you. With your design development set, your builder can start work on preliminary pricing.

Step 4: Construction Document

Step 4

Construction Document

Once we are through design development, we will put our heads down and focus on generating a complete set of documents necessary to obtain a building permit and to provide enough details for the efficient construction of your home. We may have a few questions for you in this phase to button up any final touches.

Step 5: Build

Step 5


At this point your builder will do their thing. We will remain in touch through the build process for any questions that come up and to assist with any changes or surprises.

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