We listen, study, survey,
evaluate, and implement.

We develop short term and long term strategies, all while keeping budgets on track. Using our internal structure as a reference, our multifaceted staff easily adapts to work with a variety of experts from project appropriate fields. Whether acting as the lead or the ‘behind the scenes support’ for other architects and engineers, we bring our wide ranging expertise to each and every project.

Integrated. Multifaceted. Nimble & Quick. We Know Structures

When you work with New Avenue, you work with the owners of the company. No layers, no waiting, no roadblocks. From schematic planning, to zoning, to construction documentation, to on-site inspections, to final construction; your project lead is very involved from start to finish.

Our professional engineers have been in the field as contractors, framers and construction workers in addition to their structural engineering education and experience. They are heavily versed in not only traditional construction practices, but also in new construction methods and strategies to help make your project cost effective and efficient.

Industries We Serve


Multi-Family, Mixed-Use. We have done urban infill, suburban sprawling, brownfield remediation, we have designed thousands of units in many different types of developments with many wonderful partners. We have taken the lead and been part of a large team to help create a neighborhood. Our depth and breadth or knowledge in Multi-Family design is nearly unmatched.

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New Avenue has a long history of Ground-Up retail, Tenant Improvement packages, and Restaurant up-fits. We have traveled with national retailers and restauranteurs to many other states if the project requires it. Also, we have helped countless Mom-and-Pops turn their dream into a physical reality.

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Our unique combination of Architecture and in-house engineering has permitted us to be an efficient resource for religious entities from design to the ribbon cutting ceremony.

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The history of the team members of New Avenue is very well suited for restoration. We have the field knowledge and contacts to work through nearly any type of restoration project you can imagine. From standard restoration to fire and water damage, we have been part of many in depth restoration projects and understand the speed and project sequencing required for restoration work.

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With experience in precast panel construction, tilt-up concrete panels and pre-engineered buildings; we have been a great one-stop-shop for our industrial clients that need more that just and architect or just an engineer.


We have experience in many types of structures, but we primarily work with buildings and their related structures. We’ve been involved in concrete designs, masonry, wood and heavy timber, structural steel, and aluminum. We can produce 3D calculations for more complicated elements, either using space-frames or finite element analyses. We support our in-house Architectural design staff, as well as external architectural clients or even clients that solely need Structural Consulting. We provide this throughout the Midwest and beyond as we are licensed in at least 15 states.

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New Avenue has background in a wide range of office projects scopes. We have upfit an existing historic building in downtown Columbus for a national company who was relocation their regional office. We have designed and completed spec office buildings that seem to have grown from the existing landscape. And we have been part of projects everywhere in between.

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Light duty medical offices have been a pillar of New Avenue’s workload during our history. We have a great relationship with local specialists in medical construction projects and have been fortunate to be part of teams that have worked in vacant buildings for total tenant improvement projects to ensure your patients get the care the need in the warm, caring environment they deserve.

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